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Farkhunda is a prominent voice in sport, social advocacy, women and refugee rights, growth mindset and more. She is regularly invited to speak on global stages as a keynote speaker and panelist.


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Farkhunda's Speaking Topics

Global Active Citizenship - How Being Active Beyond Your Borders Inspires Positive Change Globally 

Farkhunda Muhtaj, as a professional footballer, social activist, and captain of the Afghanistan Women’s National Team, shares her inspiring journey of global active citizenship. She discusses how individuals can make a positive impact beyond their borders, drawing from her instrumental role in evacuating 300+ Afghan women and girls after the Taliban regime came into power. Muhtaj emphasizes the importance of taking initiative, fostering inclusivity, and using one's skills and platform to contribute to global change. Farkhunda will emphasize that being a global citizen means we have to think beyond our own borders and how we are all capable of pushing for change for people globally. Join Farkhunda for this talk and become part of the solution supporting refugees, women and girls, and humanitarian efforts globally.

Transformational Power of Sport and Capacity Building

Muhtaj will explore the transformative power of sports, drawing from her experiences as a professional footballer and global leader on and off the pitch. Farkhunda will delve into how sports can be a catalyst for positive change, not only in physical health but also in building capacities, fostering teamwork, and empowering marginalized communities. Muhtaj shares stories of her work in using sports to ease the settlement journey for refugees and newcomers, emphasizing the broader impact on community development and empowerment. Farkhunda will showcase how sport unites us now more than ever and how it can give people the hope and platform they need to fully express themselves and build bridges among communities. Participants will walk away understanding how sport can help us overcome some of the biggest global issues facing the world today and why representation matters as we seek to truly create spaces that are more equitable, diverse and inclusive for everyone, everywhere.

Leadership In Time of Crisis

As a leader who played a crucial role in evacuating the Afghanistan youth women's national football team, Farkhunda will reflect on what it takes to be a leader in times of crisis. She shares insights into decision-making, teamwork, technology, and the ability to adapt and lead effectively during crises. Muhtaj will discuss how her experiences on and off the field have shaped her leadership style, offering valuable lessons for individuals and organizations facing adversity and seeking to lead through an ever-changing and escalating global landscape.

How a Growth Mindset Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

Muhtaj, a top achiever professionally, academically and athletically, speaks on the power of a growth mindset. Drawing from her academic journey and her achievements as a player, coach, and director, she explores the mindset needed to overcome challenges and achieve success. Muhtaj encourages individuals to embrace a growth mindset, emphasizing resilience, continuous learning, and the belief that effort leads to improvement and each day is a canvas to paint a brighter future for ourselves and our communities. Farkhunda will share her recipe for success and how you don’t have to compromise on any aspects of yourself to achieve success in all areas of life. Farkhunda will share her personal approach to growth and success and her lack of belief in limitations that will leave audiences inspired and ready to achieve their goals!

My Journey: How Being Raised by Refugees Shaped Me as an Immigrant in Canada

Muhtaj shares her personal journey as an immigrant and the impact of being raised by refugees. Farkhunda will reflect on the challenges and opportunities she encountered, highlighting the role of education, sports, and community support in her development. Muhtaj discusses how her unique background shaped her perspective, values, and commitment to creating equitable opportunities for refugees, newcomers, women and girls, and underserved communities.

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Keynote Speaker at OUA Conference

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Fakhunda is a brilliant and inspiring speaker. She was one of the main highlights in Fair Game's International Women's Day event this year. I would have no hesitation in recommending her as a keynote speaker
Niall Couper, CEO Fair Game UK and Head of Media & Artists Amnesty International UK

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